3 weeks and counting

26 Jan

A new year, a new job (well, a return to a previous held job), a new me. In the spirit of new things, I have decided to try veganism. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am always willing to try something new. I have changed programs at school several times. After completing my BA, I tried 3 (that’s right, 3) different continuing education programs. I am even considering trying a 4th. Anyway, back to veganism. My new obsession. It all started with my son, Sasha, not liking to eat meat. My solution was to make more meals which consisted of beans or lentils. I did some researching on the Internet and it just snowballed from there. I have been vegan for 3 weeks now and I am not missing meat at all. I just started reading “The China Study” by T.Colin Campbell and I read this and wanted to share it:

“Change in dietary practices will only occur and be maintained when people believe the evidence and experience the benefits.” p21

I certainly know it’s true for me. I have just begun on my journey but I can already feel my motivation for remaining completely vegan waning. I am beginning to consider eating some dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt. The solution, keep reading the evidence. Hopefully I will soon believe it or begin to feel the benefits.


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