grocery shopping

28 Jan

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love grocery shopping! In fact, my husband also loves grocery shopping. We have been known to peruse groceries stores while on vacation. For me, a vacation is not complete without visiting a local grocery store. I have visited grocery stores in France, England, Mexico, Costa Rica, the US and the Czech Republic. We even spent our Saturday night, while on a weekend trip to Freeport, Maine, at a grocery store beside our hotel. I love walking the aisles and observing the variety of flavors available.

It is a weekly tradition for me. I flip through cookbooks and magazines. I scour the internet. I look for the tastiest and healthiest recipes. I do all this in order to plan the following week’s meals. Once I have have planned my meals, I compile a grocery list. This is an invaluable tool. I CANNOT shop without a list. Here is this weeks list:
-Bok choy
-shitake mushrooms
-green onion
-yellow onions
-sprouted grain bread
-soy milk, almond milk
-cow’s milk for Sasha
-yogurt for Sasha
-coconut milk
-frozen blueberries

Having this list helps me to stay on track while I am shopping. I am also less likely to forget something. I love lists!


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