I don’t want to be a fat vegetarian

1 Feb

I am beginning to feel like a fat vegetarian. I don’t understand why. I feel as though I am eating good foods (at least 80% of the time!)I am not eating any meat at all and I have only had a small amount of cheese a few times. Hmmmmmm? Maybe it was that pastry I had yesterday? Or the cheesecake I had saturday night? Or the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I had friday night? Ok, ok…..I have my answer. It’s desserts. That is what my problem is. And maybe a lack of exercise. So to tackle the desserts issue, I have to cut down! That’s it, it’s that simple. No more treats. Well, maybe a little. But definitely a lot less. Or maybe I should consider a sugar-free challenge like this one:

sugar-free challenge

Maybe I need to go cold turkey. Ever since I had heard about a sugar-free challenge, I’ve been wanting to participate. But I figured one thing at a time. First, veganism/vegetarianism…..next step, sugar-free!


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