what energy!

8 Feb

I have had such incredible energy all weekend! It feels wonderful. I was pretty much 100% vegan all weekend, although I did eat my best friend’s apple crisp which contained butter. She made a wonderful effort in making a vegan dinner by preparing a chickpea curry for me, and a chickpea & chicken curry for herself and my husband. I also enjoyed my mother’s sweet potato casserole on friday evening. It was her attempt to support my veganism. How sweet! Due to my new found energy, I spent the weekend cleaning the house top to bottom. It was lots of fun! No, seriously, I really enjoy cleaning.

I am getting used to eating vegan/vegetarian…so I am beginning to ask myself, “what’s the next step?” Since I have all this energy, I am thinking of incorporating yoga or pilates into my routine. I’d love to jog outside, but it’s so cold. I think it will feel nice to move again.


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