New Adventure

11 Feb

Ok, ok, ok, I am sorry for being away for so long. I have been immersing myself in my new idea. I have been thinking about taking on a new project (not like I don’t already have too much on my plate!) My new adventure is that I would like to pursue a career in Holistic Nutrition. I have been looking into taking courses and completing a diploma in Holistic Nutritional Consulting. I have been interested in food an nutrition for quite some time. This just seems to me as a logical road to take. I am currently looking into 3 different schools:

Alive Academy of Natural Health

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Alternative Medicine College of Canada

There are pros and cons to each program and school, so I haven’t made my official decision. My husband doesn’t yet know that I am interested in pursuing this interest. I have started and stopped many different classes and courses. It will be hard to convince him that this is the real thing. I don’t even know if this is the real thing. I just follow my interests. I figure that one day, I will find something that I enjoy enough to stick with it.

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