A new career perhaps?

15 Feb

The decision was quickly made yesterday. It just suddenly came to me. I have decided to register for the Alternative Medicine College of Canada’s program “Living Food Practitioner”. Today I sent off my application. I will hopefully hear back from them very soon so that I can start my studies. This feels right for me. It is as if all my passions are coming together. Food, nutrition, wellness, helping others, holistic practices, etc. I have big dreams for myself. I can see it now! Running a holistic nutrition practice. Helping people make informed decisions about what the put in their mouth, help them understand the consequences on their health, the environment, the animals and on world hunger. I hope to continue to write about everything I learn. Writing keeps me sane. It keeps me in-touch with myself. My journey has just begun and I am really looking forward to it. I look forward to learning more about how our bodies function, how they react to certain foods and how certain foods can heal us. It is fascinating.

This morning I did some yoga when I woke up. It felt good. I have recently realized how weak my abdominal muscles are after having a baby. That is probably the reason my abdominal area is so mushy! During my yoga sessions, I plan to focus on strength. I want to feel stronger and more toned.


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