slowing down…

23 Feb

I have been binging on cow’s milk ice cream and cereal with cow’s milk. Despite getting a very adequate amount of sleep, I feel sluggish and sleepy. The past few days have not been my best. I am torn between the world of perfect veganism and the imperfect world of lacto-vegetarianism. When I am not eating and drinking cow’s milk products, I feel good. When I do eat those products, even if it begins in small amounts, somehow it snowballs into cravings and more indulgence. Is there really an addictive compound in cow’s milk products? How can I find a happy medium? I want to allow myself the occasional product containing cow’s milk without it snowballing into a daily habit. I feel the need to return to veganism because I did enjoy the experience and my body felt great. But, on the other hand I don’t want to return because the thought of not being allowed to consume cow’s milk products feels constricting. It’s a true catch-22 and I have not found a solution.

On another note, I received my materials from the AMCC and I did not like what I saw. The material was boring and not well supported. It was simply a binded collection of their notes on the subject of the first course that I registered for. There was quite a bit of info, but not many references to actual textbooks, articles or research studies. I felt as though I could not trust the info without the proper references. So, I have requested a refund and move on to the next school offereing a similar program; Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. They have sent me quite a bit of info by email. I have seen their book list, and among the provided books are actual textbooks. The program is longer, almost twice as long, but I think I will be much happier. It appears to be more academic and scientific, but it is from a holistic perspective.

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