Finding a new routine

4 Mar

So after receiving my materials for the Holistic Nutrition Program from CSNN, I have gotten into a learning groove. I am reading my textbook during my commute to and from work. I am also taking my lunch in the official company cafeteria (something I have never done!) and I spend the time working through the material. So far, everything is going well. The textbook is interesting, I am understanding the material and I seem to be ahead of schedule. Through their group on Yahoo!Groups, I have come into contact with other students. I don’t feel so alone anymore! I even came into contact with another woman who is transitioning to a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. She even has a blog!

This week a made a startling discovery. Ok, it wasn’t surprising to my husband or best friend, but it was for me. I think I haven’t been eating enough protein! On Monday and Tuesday, after eating my lunch, I was overcome by fatigue. I could barely keeps my eyes open! This is not at all normal for me, I am used to having plenty of energy. I consulted with my best-friend who has seen Julie, Holistic Nutritional Consultant. My best-friend blamed my fatigue on a lack of protein. Without enough information on holistic nutrition under my belt, it seemed logical. What is my solution? Well, I have decided to eat eggs and dairy products. These foods contain a lot of protein and they are delicious. Yes, they are byproducts of animals, but at least I am not eating the animal itself.

P.S The AMCC sucks! I requested a refund and they are ignoring me. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED! For a link to their website, checkout previous posts.

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