Finally hitting the road

19 Mar

This week has been great! I have managed to, despite being a busy mom, exercise 4 times! Monday evening, my husband, son and I went for a 45 minute brisk walk. Tuesday evening, I did weight lifting for 60 minutes. Then, on Wednesday morning and this morning I went for a 25 minute jog! It was incredible. I am very proud of myself! I got up early (around 5:30 am) and hit the road. It felt wonderful and I discovered that I am in better shape than I thought. I was able to about 12 minutes without stopping. It won’t take me long to reach my goal of running 30 minutes non stop. This is really encouraging and motivating.

This week I have also improved on my eating habits. I have been watching what I eat and tracking my foods with my iPhone using an app call “Lose it”. It is really easy to use and I can use it anywhere. It keeps track of calories in and calories out.

I am attributing all this motivation to a podcast that I discovered over the weekend. It is called FitGirl: your guide to getting in shape. I have been listening non stop and I really like it! Kira, the host of the podcast, discusses fitness, nutrition and your mindset. She covers everything that is needed in order for you to succeed. The podcasts have really motivated me!

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