Keep on lifting

23 Mar

Wow, what a terrific weekend! I got to spend time with all the important people in my life. I enjoyed time with my husband, my son, my best-friend and my family. I even had time to clean, cook, pamper myself and exercise. I really feel like I got things done.

Saturday afternoon I visited a local supplements store. I spoke to a sales guy who advised me on what supplements would be useful to me at the moment. He recommended that I take a protein powder drink and a phytoberry supplement after I do weights.  I am happy to say that sunday night I took time to lift weights. I was really motivated and enjoyed every minute of it. I pushed myself as best as I can. Afterwards, I drank a protein shake with the phytoberry supplement.  It tasted good and I am confident that my recovery will be better because I am taking in the proper nutrients.  He also gave me a few weight loss tips. He recommended that I watch my carbs (not too many) and increase my protein intake.

For the past week, I logged my food. I noticed that I am eating approx 24% fat, 61% carbs and 15% protein. Every since I became vegan and then vegetarian, I have drastically reduced my protein intake.  I am still consuming enough fat, even too much at times.  About 3 weeks ago, I noticed that I was very low on energy.  To offset that, I began consuming more dairy and eggs. This also increased my fat intake. One bizarre side effect of reduced protein consumption for me is constipation. This is completely new for me as I have never had a problem with this before. How can I be constipated when I consume around 40 grams of fiber a day? I drink lots of water, eat plenty of veggies and fruits and I eat beans and lentils several times a week! Is protein the remedy for my ailments?


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