running with heels

25 Mar

This morning I did not get up early to do my workout but I did get the chance to run across a soccer field in heels! There I was, running to catch my train wearing heels and a high waisted skirt. What a lovely sight!

Good morning! I have been feeling great the past couple of days. Full of energy and inspiration! I have quite a bit of news today….so here it goes.

  1. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I am seriously lacking protein in my diet and that is probably the cause of my fatigue and weight gain over the past few months. Vegetarianism is just not for me. I can certainly enjoy some great vegetarian meals (shiitake mushroom, bok choy and tofu stir fry on udon noodles!), but I cannot be vegetarian full-time.  I have been feeling very tired, hungry, moody and constipated.
  2. I need more protein and possibly iron. I visited a pharmacy close to my work during my lunch break yesterday and I spoke to a naturopath. She informed that a lack of iron (as well as too much iron)  can cause constipation and fatigue. Eating a vegetarian diet, I am eating mostly non-heme iron. Non-heme iron is more difficult to absorb than heme iron (from animal sources), there for you need to consume much more of it to insure you absorb what you need.  To cure the constipation and sluggish bowels, she recommended an herbal tea call Eliminex. It contains Senna which is a natural laxative. Also, I am to consume 1 Tbl. of flax seeds (not ground) in warm water every night. You are to combine the warm water with the flax seeds, and let sit until they are slightly gelatinous.  This should improve my bowel movements.  Afterwards, I should consider adding a probiotic to my regime to ensure proper bowel health. I will probably go back to see her next week.
  3. As for the iron issue and protein issue, I plan to re-introduce meat to my diet. Last night for dinner, we had some roasted chicken! I ate meat after a 3 month hiatus. It was tasty. Today for lunch, I have a chicken salad. I also added a scoop of protein to my oatmeal yesterday morning and this morning. It seems to keep my full for longer and I already notice an improvement in my overall energy!
  4. I discovered some really interesting blogs to read to provide inspiration! There’s Janetha’s blog meals and moves. She publishes a lot of information on food and exercise. She talks a lot about how she eats and what proportions of protein/carbs and fats she consumes. I  enjoy reading her blog! Next, there is Susan and the great balancing act. I like her because she seems quite honest about her life. She is on a quest of self-improvement.  She is learning the balance all aspects of her life. This is also something I am trying to achieve.  She is also Canadian,  like me! And there is Kelly, she is a runner. I really enjoy running and that is my chosen cardio workout. I also love the title of her blog; healthy living with Kelly.

So there you have it!


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