Boston, baby!

5 Apr

Happy Monday! I had such a terrific weekend. Hubby, son and I went to Boston to visit some really good friends. We left Thursday right after work and came back last night. Here are my highlights


  •  I went bra shopping at Victoria’s Secret. A totally great experience! I tried on every type of bra you can imagine to find the perfect fit. The sales girl actually fitted me for a bra and surprisingly, I am actually wearing the right size! It was lots of fun but hubby was annoyed it took over 1 hr!
  • We walked around Boston the rest of the day, sightseeing and window shopping.
  • We went for dinner with our friends to Legal Sea Foods. It was sooooo good! I think they should open one in Montreal. I had arctic char grilled with Cajun spices and polenta. Everyone really enjoyed their meal.
  • I ate Hagen Daas chocolate mint ice cream. Chocolate mint is my absolute favorite flavor of ice cream!



  •  We ate delicious French toast for breakfast!
  • We toured the city with our friends. We walked, chatted and drank frappacinos.
  • I finally got to go to Whole Foods and shop! I looked up and down every aisle….soaking in every minute. I wish there was one in Montreal! I found out that they will be opening one in Burlington, Vermont. Only 1 ½ hrs away! Can’t wait to shop there on a regular basis. Yes, we are crazy. I can totally envision us driving 1 ½ hrs every couple of months to pick up our favorites J
  • Frank made one of his specialties for dinner, marinated and grilled Flank steak. Or, as I like to joke around, frank steak! This was accompanied with sweet potato fries, sautéed swiss chard and a good bottle of Shiraz.
  • To celebrate the fact that we were in Boston for Frank’s b-day, we finished off the night with a Boston cream pie. Yummy!



  •  We got waken up early but Sasha calling out “Mama!” We then crawled to the living room where I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch for 10 minutes. Just that extra 10 minutes really helped!
  • We drove all over Boston so Frank could get the opportunity to visit his favorite furniture store, Restoration Hardware. Once we got there, we found out they were closed for Easter. We totally forgot it was Easter! Happy Easter!
  • We enjoyed lunch with our friends out on a patio at a local café. The sun was shinning and I was wearing a tank top in April!
  • We said goodbye and hit the road.
  • The drive home was long and Sasha was cranky. We got home late.


This morning I weighed myself and I gained 2 lbs over the weekend. I am quite disappointed but from what I have learned, you have to get back on track immediately. No drowning yourself in disappointment or sorrows. I won’t be able to workout tonight because we have Easter dinner with my in-laws. Tomorrow morning, as long as there isn’t a downpour, I plan to go for a jog. And, in the evening, to do a good weight session.

Here are my goals for April:

-Jog 3x/week, even in the rain!

-weight lifting 3x/week.

-eat a high protein, low fat diet.

-be consistent and be motivated.


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