Getting to the root of the problem

6 Apr

Last night I set my alarm to go off 45 minutes early so that I could get up and go for a jog. This morning, I pressed snooze. I am a little disappointed in myself. But, I am trying to cut myself some slack. I didn’t get much sleep this weekend in Boston so it’s only normal that I am tired. No more excuses! Tonight my husband and I plan to do our weight workout after our son goes to bed. This is the first night we will be at home for dinner in almost a week. I look forward to getting back into routine. I always do better with a routine. Tonight “The Biggest Loser” is on TV. I hope my husband let’s me watch it!

Last night we went to my in-laws for Easter dinner. I was pretty good food wise….well, that is until my mother-in-law served her new masterpiece. Chocolate raspberry Pavlova. Here’s the recipe she used, except she used strawberries. I never knew what Pavlova was until last night. It is delicious! I think this will become a new favorite.  I just need to tweak the recipe and make it mine. Oh, and perhaps try to make it less fattening.

Here’s yesterday’s food breakdown:  

Fat: 32.87%

Carbs: 39.65%

Protein: 27.48%

Definitely too high on the fat content, must have been the whipped cream! Carbs were definitely on track, as was the protein. I just have to really watch my fat content, and up the protein. I have found very cool recipes for high protein foods. I need to figure out where the fat is high in my diet, and switch for lower fat versions or remove the foods all together. In yesterday’s case, it was definitely the Pavlova! But looking back to last week, I notice that Wednesday I ate ice cream. There’s the fat! Looking back at the last couple of weeks, I notice that I eat well most of the time. Where I see large amounts of fat consumed is when I have desserts, often in the evening or when I am out for dinner. Hmmmm…lots to think about. How can I avoid giving into my cravings? CanI politely say “no thank you”? Can I opt for a smaller piece? For some, it may be easy. For me, once I get a little taste, I can’t control myself and I indulge. Perhaps the key is to avoid that little taste? Got any tips?




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