7 Apr

Last night I spent my evening chasing after my son. He’s only 1 1/2 years old and I could swear he already hit the terrible two’s! He gets into everything….just as you take something away from him, he’s already sprinting towards another thing that he shouldn’t be playing with. I also find that his “naughtiness” is worse when he’s tired. He really keeps us on our toes! I know I am supposed to cherish these moments, ( because kids grow up so fast), but I really can’t help  looking forward to him being able to play with actual actual toys and not getting into our stuff constantly! He goes for everything and anything! Magazines, the lamps, my cell phone, TV remotes…I can go on.  I wonder if I can count this as working out?

Last night I also did a real workout after the little monkey went to bed. And what a workout it was!  I totally kicked butt! I did 60 minutes of super-setting, so that means I did it non-stop. I was huffing and puffing, it felt great! I went to bed with sore muscles and woke up this morning with even sorer muscles! I really must have done a good workout I am very proud of myself!! Woooohooo!

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