fixing what’s not working

27 Apr

I feel the need to put my thoughts on screen in order to organize

them.  Something in my life is not working. There are a few habits that I want and

need to change and I believe to do so, I need to organize my thoughts.

Here it goes:

1) I am late for work 2 out of 5 days

2) our house is always messy

3) I have been lacking motivation to exercise

4) I am not as organized as I would like to be


To tackle the problem of being late for work and feeling rushed, I

need to setup a new routine. I thought the solution would be to have a

watch on my wrist but I realized (thankfully prior to dishing out the

cash to buy one) that isn’t the solution. Currently I aim to leave the

house at 7:50 am in order to catch the 8:15 am train. The days that I

do catch the train, it is because I run. I feel it is causing me a lot

of stress. My mornings are not relaxing. My new routine will have me

leaving the house at 7:30 am. A whole 20 mins. earlier. This should

guarantee that I actually catch the train and not have to run to catch

it. This solution also will change other aspects of my morning

routine. The days that I do not shower or exercise, my alarm will now

be set for 6:00 am. The mornings I plan to run or exercise, I need to

plan for an extra 50 mins. (10 mins to get up and get ready to

workout, 30 mins exercise,10 mins shower). This will have me setting

the alarm for 5:10 am.

The routine will look something like this:

5:10- get up and throw on workout gear

5:20- start running

5:50- finish run and jump in shower

6:00- out of shower, dry off, put lotion on, brush hair, get dressed

6:10- start making breakfast, prepare coffee and eat

6:30- make lunch or get Sasha (either one takes approx. 10 mins.)

6:50- aim to be doing makeup

7:10- makeup and hair finished. Chase after Sasha and get things ready at the    door

7:20- go to bathroom and brush teeth

7:30- at door putting jackets on and leave

7:45- arrive at mom’s and spend 5-10 mins chatting

7:55- leave mom’s

If I am short for time, drive to train station, if not, park at home and walk!

What do you think?

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