27 Apr

Life has been very hectic since last Friday. My father-in-law had a stroke. To top it off, I got a cold. And now, Sasha has my cold!

To summarize, my father-in-law has quickly recovered (well, mostly) from his stroke. He has movement on both sides of his body, he is able to talk very well, swallow and walk. I spent Friday with him but due to my cold, I had to avoid visiting him the rest of the weekend. I am told that he is getting frustrated with sitting in a hospital bed and wants to get back to his life ASAP! We are very thankful that it seems to have been a “minor” stroke.

As for my cold, I am much better. I still have a bit of burning in my lungs, but that is more likely due to sprinting to catch my train (what I do on a regular basis). I need to get back to regular exercise and proper eating immediately. It will help me deal with the stress of my father-in-law’s recovery and other daily stressors such as weaning myself off my anti-depressants. I visited my doctor last week and I am happy to say I have begun to wean myself off of my meds. I am beginning to reduce the amount I take of my morning anti-depressant first, until I take nothing at all. It is a process that takes 6 weeks. It’s better to go slowly in order to minimalize the side effects. After, completely stopping that med, I will reduce the amount I take for my sleep aid. The side effects aren’t as severe, but it will still take 2 weeks. I am excited to see if I am able to handle being off them. I also had my IUD removed. Okay, maybe that’s a little too much info for everyone reading this…sorry. But I am sure it will contribute to some emotional ups and downs, so I think it’s better if you fully informed. So far, the only side effects I have been feeling from all these changes are a little dizziness. Not too bad!

Last week I managed to jog only twice. We were quite busy and worked on just keeping our heads above water. Even after factoring in a weekend, we are still drowning! Ahhhhh, there’s always something to do!

Well, I have a few things planned for this week.

  1. Buy a watch
  2. Buy a Nike+ sport kit
  3. Attend my first meeting for the “challenge” with the Naturopath tonight
  4. Run 3 X
  5. Do weights 2 X
  6. Visit my father-in-law Tuesday evening
  7. Find a cleaning lady



  •   buy watch during lunch
  •   meeting after work



  • Run before work
  • Buy Nike+ sport kit during lunch
  • Visit father-in-law after work



  • Do weights in the evening
  • Find cleaning lady



  • Run before work
  • Visit father-in-law



  • Do weights in the evening

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