The inspiration and the plan

26 May

Before I get into it, go check out my besties blog. Her food always looks delish….now, if I could only get her to bring me leftovers 😉

Now, on with the show! (well, post)

The inspiration….

Yesterday I saw a woman at the grocery store that I would describe as “fit”. She was wearing running shorts and a tank top. I thought to myself “I feel fat”. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t doing myself any favors by being insulting, but I am seriously lacking motivation. I also think that I am delusional, I think I am smaller than I am. I know what you are thinking, I shouldn’t be so focused on my size or weight, but I should focus o how I feel. Okay then, I don’t feel good at all. I feel bloated, swollen, fat, lethargic and the complete opposite of graceful. I want to feel athletic, as though I have stamina, energetic, sexy and beautiful. How do I accomplish this? What do I have to do? I signed up for that challenge “feel good in my skin” and I was VERY disappointed. Maybe I need counseling? I mean, I know what I have to do but I am not doing it. I have to figure out why? What is standing in my way? What is holding me back? Is it fear of failure? A sense of un-worthiness? Why can’t I seem to get off my butt and do it? I thought a lot last week about perhaps needing to redefine my goals. Is this the solution or is there more to it?

The plan…


  1. Lose 3 lbs 5 lbs (goal weight= 125 lbs)
  2. Run 3x/week (mornings), building up to goal 3.
  3. Run 30 minutes without stopping
  4. 20 mins. of abs/lunges/squats etc. 3 nights/week (to be incorporated at a later date)
  5. log food to be accountable, aim for 40-40-20
  6. be active with Frank & Sasha as much as possible
  7. read blogs to inspire me & keep me on track
  8. remind myself exercise feels good, It gives me energy, elevates my mood and it is essential to achieve my goals.
  9. Have muscle definition (ie. be lean)
  10. Develop my abdominal muscles
  11. Increase overall muscle strength
  12. continue to build the life that I want and deserve

This week’s plan:


-Run in AM (before work)

-Eggs fpr breakfast

-Laundry in the evening

-Burritos for dinner

-Play with Sasha outside after dinner


-Run in AM (before work)

-Oatmeal & protein shake for breakfast

-Plan meals for next week

-Quiche for dinner

-Another load of laundry


-Run in AM (before work)

-Eggs for breakfast

-Fish for dinner

-Relax with Frank


-Clean house like mad!

-Grocery shopping

-Bike ride as a family



Looks pretty good so far!


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