Let’s be positive

7 Jun

It’s time to start fresh and think positively. After committing myself to getting off my butt a mere 2 days ago, things have already begun to get better! Here’s the run down:


The day started off well. I got to sleep in! My son was up briefly in the night, so, due to the interrupted sleep, he slept in! How nice that was! I then enjoyed scrambled eggs, a slice of toast and a few large slices of watermelon. Yummy! This kept me going until lunch. In the morning I was able to bring my son for a much needed haircut, do the groceries and run to the pharmacy. All while spending time with my mom.

When lunch rolled around, I was quite famished! The hubby and I made delicious sandwiches with ham, turkey, dijon mustard and avocado. It was a very nice combo! I spent the rainy afternoon cleaning, doing laundry and playing with my son.

For dinner, I decided to make one of my favourites, chicken divine! We paired it with taglietelle noodles and asparagus on the side. I also enjoyed a small glass of La Chouffe. A very nice pairing indeed!



Sasha sure enjoyed the meal! Minus the beer of course!


After dinner, we went for a walk. The plan was just to walk, but we ended up stopping for ice cream. I opted for the Italian gelatto; limoncello and raspberry/cranberry. A perfect sweet treat to end the day.

I was happy and proud that I was somewhat active and that I opted for the gelatto instead of a huge ice cream cone.


Sunday was a busy day. Brunch at my parents, errands and more cleaning the rest of the day. At brunch I stuffed myself silly with eggs, bacon, homemade baking powder biscuits, fruit and coffee. Brunch was so filling, I only stopped for a quick snack at 4:30 pm. I was full of energy! I washed floors, more laundry and cleaned the bathroom. The house is looking great! It will feel nice to begin the week in a clean home.

So, in the end, did I focus my time on my priorities? You be I did!

I spent my time with my son, my husband and my family. I focused my time on good food, keeping my house in order and got in a little physical activity. I am looking forward to this new trend!

So tomorrow, back to work!


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