rough week….

10 Jun

My week has gone a little like this..

Monday, I woke up fantasizing about waffles smothered in fruit, yogurt and maple syrup. So that’s exactly what I had. Oh, and I added a few sprinkles of cinnamon. And after taking 10 minutes taking pictures, I realized there wasn’t enough maple syrup. Gotta add more! I can’t say I am following the 40-40-20 concept or that I am logging my food on Livestrong. But I feel that it is OK. I am trying to eat lots of protein, because when I do, I feel good. But other than that, I am not focusing on macronutrients at this time.


Son woke up during my morning coffee, so off I went. And the day really began!

Work was super boring as usual. On my way home from work, I got a call from my mom saying that my son woke up from his afternoon nap with a fever. Poor thing! By the time I got home he was wasn’t looking well. Frank and I whipped up a quick dinner that required little prep. Marinated and grilled flank steak with steamed corn and grilled zucchini. Paired with a glass of wine. Delicious!


Spent the evening cuddling with my son. What a perfect evening!

Tuesday woke up needing protein. I paired my protein (scrambled eggs) with a bowl of oats. A very nice combo!


My seasonal allergies have been really bad lately and has been making my days at work almost unbearable. I have been fighting fatigue due to my allergies, my boring day and not to mention waking up in the middle of the night for my son. I was so tired yesterday and swore to myself that I would be in bed early!

Well, not until I got to eat this!


Barbecued chicken thighs, oven fried potatoes and a gorgeous salad on the side. Oh, and it looks like someone’s fever broke!


I was in bed by 9:00 pm and asleep by 9:30 pm. Boy, it felt great!

And today went something like this…

Breakfast: Bowl of cereal with blueberries

Lunch: Salad beast for lunch….

and the highlight, macaroni and cheese with cauliflower for dinner. I borrowed Tina’s recipe. Thanks Tina, is was delish! For some reason Frank and Sasha don’t like cauliflower. It’s too bad but then again, more for me!


I just put my son to bed and he can’t seem to sleep because he’s coughing so much. I have a feeling it is going to be a rough night! Hopefully his cold will get better soon. We could all use some rest!

On another note, I’ve been applying for jobs non-stop. I am hoping to find something good soon. I really feel like I need I change in my life. Our current routine is NOT making it easy for me to find time (or a place) to workout. I am hoping that by finding work close to home, I will find those 30-60 mins a day I need to fit working out into my schedule.

Good night!


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