the great gluten-free experiment

16 Jun

That’s right. You read it correctly.  I am going gluten-free for 30 days.  It’s a test  experiment to see if I am gluten intolerant. I am probably not gluten intolerant….but I thought it would be a neat experiment.  Frank is not too happy about it. After my vegan experiment, vegetarian experiment…..he just wants us to eat “normally”. He is going to continue to eat gluten and so is my son. But I on the other hand, will not. I plan to keep my food journal right here on my blog. So you guys will know first hand how I feel and know if it makes any difference to my body.

 Day 1- Sunday June 13th


2 slice Glutino Cornbread

Mozzarella cheese

Lots of honeydew melon


Salad beast (lettuce, celery, radishes, chickpeas, blue cheese, tomatoes)


1 Cadbury cream egg


BBQd chicken leg & thigh

Sweet potato with greek yogurt

Large side salad


Rhubarb, apple & raspberry crisp (made with PaneRiso mix apple crisp mix)


Day 1 was easy. I planned my meals carefully this week and bought a few gluten-free items that I thought I would miss (bread and crackers). I pointed out to my husband that we already eat quite a bit of gluten-free meals/foods. I was full of energy today and felt less bloated.


Day 2- Monday June 14


Bowl of Mesa Sunrise cereal with banana and skim milk


Greek yogurt with a peach and maple syrup

Pre-lunch snack

Trail mix


Leftovers (chicken leg & thigh, half sweet-potato)

Cucumber slices with carrot

Afternoon snack

Mocha-light Frapuccino

Trail mix


Homemade baked beans

Baked polenta with mozzarella cheese


Leftover crisp with vanilla frozen yogurt


My bowels were not happy this morning! I don’t want to give TMI….so lets leave it at that! Hopefully it will pass. I felt less bloated again today. It really is a nice feeling.

Frank really enjoyed our dinner. He thought the combo of polenta and baked beans was delicious. Of course, the melted cheese helped too. I was a bit gassy from the beans….but nothing out of the ordinary. Barely worth even mentioning!


Day 3- Tuesday June 15, 2010 


2 Vans wheat-free/gluten-free waffles

Fruit (strawberries, ½ banana)

Liberte vanilla Greek yogurt


Handful of trail mix

Kozy Shack rice pudding


Leftover baked beans with polenta & cheese

Afternoon snack

Handful trail mix

Rice crackers (sea salt & pepper)



Homemade Asian style chicken & vegetable soup with rice noodles


Fresh strawberries

Vanilla frozen yogurt


This past weekend while visiting my local health food store, I noticed that they were planning a gluten-free foods tasting on Saturday. What perfect timing! I will be there for sure! I really have to say I enjoyed the Rice thins. They were crispy, salty and very tasty. Most of the products I have eaten so far are products I would have eaten prior to starting this experiment.

Sasha woke up in the night crying and after I went to see him, I got back into bed and noticed I had a bit of tummy discomfort.  I began to think,  are there withdrawal or detox symptoms?  I am not sure if it’s too soon to tell but I am beginning to wonder,  are my emotional ups and downs due to gluten intolerance?

My day at work was pretty gloomy. No surprise there. That was until I began to see a small spark of hope mid-afternoon. More on that tomorrow!

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