Day 4 & career update

17 Jun

Day 4- Wednesday June 16


2 scrambled eggs

Bowl of oatmeal – most probably contaminated. Please see comments for explanation.


½ cup cottage cheese



Leftover homemade soup- yummy!

Celery and a couple of radishes


½ Jocalat Chocolate Coffee Larabar

Afternoon snack

Handful trail mix


Steak with mashed sweet and regular potatoes



Heavenly hash ice cream


When it comes to eating oats on a gluten-free diet, there is much controversy. This is what I read:

Position Statement on Oats

Revised August 20, 2007 Professional Advisory Board of Canadian Celiac Association

The safety of oats in individuals with celiac disease has been extensively investigated. Clinical evidence confirms that consumption of pure, uncontaminated oats is safe in the amount of 50 to 70 grams per day (1/2 – 3/4 cup dry rolled oats) by adults and 20 to 25 grams per day (1/4 cup dry rolled oats) by children with celiac disease. Studies looking at the consumption of oats over five years have confirmed their safety. However, the studies looking at safety of oats in celiac disease have involved a small number of subjects, the oats used were pure, free of gluten contamination and the amount allowed per day was also limited.

In Canada, pure and uncontaminated* oats are now being produced. Individuals with celiac disease who wish to add oats or oat products to their diet must ensure that the oats they are eating are free from gluten contamination.
A small number of individuals with celiac disease may not tolerate even pure, uncontaminated oats. To ensure that persons with celiac disease are not intolerant to pure and uncontaminated oats, proper clinical follow up with the physician is advised when introducing oats to a gluten-free diet.
The Canadian Celiac Association will continue to monitor the scientific developments in the area of oats in celiac disease and will keep its members updated.


Now, where do you find these famous uncontaminated oats? Well, I found a source right around the corner! Cream Hill Estates located in Montreal! I will definitely add this to my grocery for this week.

Now, I am sure you are dying to hear what that little spark of hope is, aren’t you? Well, if you have been reading my posts from the beginning or read the side bar about my current life focus, you will see that I am currently studying Holistic Nutrition. Well, I have actually been on hiatus for a couple of months now, trying to focus on other areas of my life. My studies have been nagging me lately. I have been having little success in the job hunt and it has gotten me quite down. It hit me suddenly yesterday afternoon that I needed to get my butt into gear and create the job that I want! I have decided to get back on track with my studies. I have thought a little about what my dream job would be and this is what I came up with.

“My dream job would be dedicated to health, fitness and nutrition. I would like to act as a nutritional/life coach to individuals looking to achieve wellness.”

Here’s a brief but concise career plan:

Step 1– continue blogging and writing about health, fitness and nutrition

Step 2– finish CSNN RHN program

Step 3– start my own business (nutritional coaching, writing, speaking/teaching, cooking classes, etc)

I will definitely have to do some better planning, but you get the point.

June 2010- September 2010

Look for a job that allows me more time to blog, write, study and participate in activities that are important to me. Ideally in the health, wellness or fitness industry.

September 2010-February 2012

Work at said job. In my spare time, blog, write, study, etc. Oh, and maybe have another baby 😉

February 2012

Complete my RHN degree and be certified. Start practice “on the side”. If needed, reduce hours at work in order to allow for more time to see clients and get business going.


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