cooking co-op

25 Jun

So my best-friend emailed me this morning and asked if I wanted to participate in a cooking co-op.  I’ve never heard of this, so she sent me this link.  After reading about it, I said sure! Who wouldn’t!? If you don’t have time to read the article, the basic concept is that you make a large batch of food once a week (or once every 2 weeks, or once a month…) and you get together with others and swap. The more people in the group, the bigger your batch has to be  and the more meals you get in return. After making your large batch of whatever meal you choose, you package it up in reusable containers and swap. For now, our group consists of just the 2 of us. But, check out her blog! She cooks delicious, wholesome and healthy meals.  She also bakes some stellar desserts.

Sometimes I feel as though I have gotten into a food rut. Making the same recipes over and over again, using the same spices and the same ingredients. I am looking forward to a little variety in my life! Oh, and the best part? She is going to accommodate my gluten-free style of eating!

This morning for breakfast I enjoyed shared a bowl of oatmeal with my son with a side of scramble eggs.  Breakfast of champions! I couldn’t resist the calling to eat eggs for breakfast so I guess I won’t be eating an omelette for dinner?

This morning at work, I enjoyed a little healthy snack. Naturally gluten-free!

I wonder what I will make for dinner? And the search begins!


One Response to “cooking co-op”

  1. Lynn June 25, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    That’s the beauty of a food blog. You can’t get into a food rut because then you’ll have nothing to write about!

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