I love learning!

30 Jun

The past few days have just flown by! I have been really diligent with eating gluten-free. No slip ups and I feel really good. The real test will be when I re-introduce gluten into my diet. Only 1 and 1/2 weeks to go! I am a little nervous…I have decided my first meal containing gluten will be a toasted bagel with cheese. Yummy! And then a bowl of pasta! Or maybe pizza…?

Not much to report except for the fact that I have been focusing a lot of my time on studying. I have really gotten into it! Last week, I mailed off my first exam. Crossing my fingers that I pass! You need over 80%! Pretty high if you ask me, then again, it is important to know your stuff. The course I am working on now is Nutritional Symptomatology. I have changed the way I cover the material and it seems to work much better. This course is supposed to take around 4 weeks to complete. I have been working on it for about a week now and I would have to say I am almost half done! Yeah! I would really like to get through this in less than 4 weeks to make up for all the time that I spent doing nothing!

I am enjoying this course. It is interesting so that makes easy to go through the material. It basically covers nutrition and nutritional recommendations for the general life stages (ie. childhood, adulthood) and for common situations/conditions (pregnancy, menopause, heart health, immune support). I was happy to learn that sulfur containing cruciferous vegetables have anti-cancer properties! Broccoli is one of them and we had it on our menu twice this week! Theories that I read in The China Study were also reinforced, such as diets high in protein (mainly animal protein) are taxing on the kidneys and “contribute to toxic metabolic products in the colon and body” (Staying Healthy with Nutrition, 21st Century Edition, by Elson M. Haas, MD). This was one of the reasons I had decided to try out veganism. But, if you remember my experiment, I had no energy, my mind was cloudy and I became, well, um, constipated. It wasn’t for me. Once I introduced more protein, beginning with dairy and eggs, following with meat, poultry and fish, I began to feel much better! But this is where I get confused. How do you find a balance between enough protein to give you energy and stabilize your blood sugar levels and too much protein? Perhaps the answer is in consuming a variety of proteins, including vegetable protein. I am sure as I continue to study, I will find my answer.

I have also recently discovered a blog I really like, Carrots ‘n’ Cake.  She has a lot of great things to say, plus, her blog is “dedicated to healthy balance”. I could definitely use some advice on that subject!

On another note, here are a few pics showing what else I have been up to!


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