The sun is shining

5 Jul

Now that work is finished, I am heading off to my BBQ. I am looking forward to it! The sun is shining, it’s hot outside and I get to see my friends. What more could a girl ask for?

As promised, I am back for some random writing, in order to provide balance to my blog. Today’s topic is: how not doing any exercise has become normal for me. It is sad but true. Part of me so desperately wants to exercise regularly… I wish that I am the drive and the motivation to try to fit it in my schedule right now but, quite frankly, just thinking about it makes me anxious. This weekend, anxiety came back into life. It has been a stranger to me over the past year but this weekend it made a reappearance in my life. Not really what I need at this moment…but I will have no choice but to figure out how to deal with it. Maybe once I deal with the anxiety, making all those small changes in my life (like exercising regularly) won’t seem insurmountable.


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