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Quick, quick… not much time!

14 Jul

Ok, so I don’t have a lot of time. I am training someone to replace me at work and I am spending my free time trying to finish up my Nutritional Symptomatology course (hopefully get it mailed out tomorrow and start my new course;  Anatomy)….I gotta make this quick!

 On Monday, I continued with my gluten-free trend. For breakfast I had 2 Mesa-Sunrise waffles with greek yogurt and sliced banana.


Snacks consisted of fruit, almonds and flourless peanut butter cookies. Oh, and I might have munched on some dark chocolate. I made grilled sausages with polenta and sautéed swiss chard for dinner. It was delicious!

Dessert was a beautiful bowl of cherries. Sorry, no pics!

Tuesday, I changed things up and made a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, paired with 2 scrambled eggs. My morning snack was cottage cheese and a pear and my afternoon snack was a couple of flourless peanut butter cookies with a tall skinny vanilla latte. I knew I had a big night, so I figured a little bit of caffeine will help. Dinner was a big treat. We headed over to my parent’s house where my mother had made a feast! I had barbequed shrimp, potato salad, ribs, green salad and grilled veggies. All gluten-free and excellent!

 This morning, I made myself 2 Mesa Sunrise waffles with greek yogurt, but instead of a banana, I thawed some blueberries! It paired together very nicely.

My morning snack was a green apple with Apple Cinnamon peanut butter.

As I am writing this, I am munching on a gigantic salad with tuna. I hope it will keep me full for at least a couple of hours! After reviewing how much I eat in a day, I decided I need to cut down a little.  I think that sometimes I eat out of boredom and that this might be the source of my weight gain. Time to crack down and use my will power! For dinner, I haven’t planned much. I musty admit, I am running out of ideas for my gluten-free “Italian” week. This morning I pulled some pork loin chops out of the freezer.  I am trying to think of something I can do with it that has an Italian vibe. I could pair the chops with a delicious risotto, but I am not sure I will have the time. I’ll keep thinking…

Gluten-free update

Ever since returning to gluten-free eating on monday, I feel much less bloated. I have to attempt some glutinous food soon, but I am really preparing myself for the worse. I am going to wait a few more days before trying again.

Oh, by the way. The hubby and I finally booked our romantic weekend getaway. We are heading to New York City! I can’t wait! Only 2 1/2 weeks away.


A little bit of this…a little bit of that

22 Jun

Here is a random sampler of meals that I have enjoyed over the past week. My first week was really quite easy to stick with. I have been able to resist my usual temptations such as cookies and pasta. I have become more aware of how many foods contain wheat and gluten. I’ve even had to stop using a my favourite salad dressing! So far there has been no change in my weight. Perhaps it is the healthy serving of ice cream I have been enjoying practically every evening! I do have one confession. Sunday I slipped up and ate “Cookie ‘n’Cream” Ice cream. It only hit me half way through my bowl that they were actual cookie chunks that I was eating! Gluten filled cookies! Woops! I should be more careful!!

Who could resist such a delicious looking breakfast? Now that I am doing my gluten-free experiment, I was worried that by choosing a gluten-free waffle I would somehow be compromising. I am pleasantly surprised to find that gluten-free waffles are just as tasty as regular ones. Gluten-free waffles, greek yogurt, fresh fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup are the perfect thing to begin the day!


Here is another littles taster….grilled polenta over baked beans. Gluten-free and tasty to boot! Sprinkle a little sharp cheddar on the top and you are in heaven. If you haven’t tried it, you should!! Sweet meets salty….a match made in heaven for sure!


A grill cheese made with gluten-free bread and mozzarella with melon slices on the side. The bread does not have quite the same texture as regular, but I have gotten used to it.


A delicious salad beast for lunch. Chock full of veggies and chickpeas for protein. So filling!


I hope my posts have helped anyone contemplating trying a gluten-free diet. It has been a very easy transition. I’ve purchased a few GF items, but it has been minimal. The core of anything healthy and balanced should always be fresh veggies, fruits, lean protein, healthy fats and whole grains. There are plenty of GF whole grains available to choose from! Of course, there will be challenges. But like anything, it’s always best to plan ahead!

I am off to do a little but of reading before bed. Goodnight!

Good things coming…

18 Jun

I am going into my 9th day gluten-free and my experience has been nothing but positive. I feel less bloated, more energetic and my spirits have lifted. I have suffered from melancholy and depression most of my life but am able to hide it quite well. This past week I have found that I have been feeling more optimistic about my life and future. It might be crazy to think that it could be related to going gluten-free, but some symptoms of intolerance are emotional and psychological.

I also have some very exciting news to share with you! Frank and I are currently planning a trip to Chicago! it will be our 1st trip away from Sasha:( it will definitely be an adults-only trip because we plan to hit some awesome restaurants, bars and pubs. We haven’t booked anything just yet because we still need to confirm with the grandparents that they will be able to watch Sasha… but I doubt it will be a problem.

Frank did some research about Chicago yesterday and we were very surprised to read that Chicago’s O’Hare airport was the 2nd busiest airport in the world! Chicago is also the 3rd most populated city in the US. Very interesting facts indeed.

I will be back later with updates about my food/gluten-free eating! Also, if you haven’t noticed,  I’ve added a new page to my blog about studying Holistic Nutrition.  Check it out!


Day 4 & career update

17 Jun

Day 4- Wednesday June 16


2 scrambled eggs

Bowl of oatmeal – most probably contaminated. Please see comments for explanation.


½ cup cottage cheese



Leftover homemade soup- yummy!

Celery and a couple of radishes


½ Jocalat Chocolate Coffee Larabar

Afternoon snack

Handful trail mix


Steak with mashed sweet and regular potatoes



Heavenly hash ice cream


When it comes to eating oats on a gluten-free diet, there is much controversy. This is what I read:

Position Statement on Oats

Revised August 20, 2007 Professional Advisory Board of Canadian Celiac Association

The safety of oats in individuals with celiac disease has been extensively investigated. Clinical evidence confirms that consumption of pure, uncontaminated oats is safe in the amount of 50 to 70 grams per day (1/2 – 3/4 cup dry rolled oats) by adults and 20 to 25 grams per day (1/4 cup dry rolled oats) by children with celiac disease. Studies looking at the consumption of oats over five years have confirmed their safety. However, the studies looking at safety of oats in celiac disease have involved a small number of subjects, the oats used were pure, free of gluten contamination and the amount allowed per day was also limited.

In Canada, pure and uncontaminated* oats are now being produced. Individuals with celiac disease who wish to add oats or oat products to their diet must ensure that the oats they are eating are free from gluten contamination.
A small number of individuals with celiac disease may not tolerate even pure, uncontaminated oats. To ensure that persons with celiac disease are not intolerant to pure and uncontaminated oats, proper clinical follow up with the physician is advised when introducing oats to a gluten-free diet.
The Canadian Celiac Association will continue to monitor the scientific developments in the area of oats in celiac disease and will keep its members updated.


Now, where do you find these famous uncontaminated oats? Well, I found a source right around the corner! Cream Hill Estates located in Montreal! I will definitely add this to my grocery for this week.

Now, I am sure you are dying to hear what that little spark of hope is, aren’t you? Well, if you have been reading my posts from the beginning or read the side bar about my current life focus, you will see that I am currently studying Holistic Nutrition. Well, I have actually been on hiatus for a couple of months now, trying to focus on other areas of my life. My studies have been nagging me lately. I have been having little success in the job hunt and it has gotten me quite down. It hit me suddenly yesterday afternoon that I needed to get my butt into gear and create the job that I want! I have decided to get back on track with my studies. I have thought a little about what my dream job would be and this is what I came up with.

“My dream job would be dedicated to health, fitness and nutrition. I would like to act as a nutritional/life coach to individuals looking to achieve wellness.”

Here’s a brief but concise career plan:

Step 1– continue blogging and writing about health, fitness and nutrition

Step 2– finish CSNN RHN program

Step 3– start my own business (nutritional coaching, writing, speaking/teaching, cooking classes, etc)

I will definitely have to do some better planning, but you get the point.

June 2010- September 2010

Look for a job that allows me more time to blog, write, study and participate in activities that are important to me. Ideally in the health, wellness or fitness industry.

September 2010-February 2012

Work at said job. In my spare time, blog, write, study, etc. Oh, and maybe have another baby 😉

February 2012

Complete my RHN degree and be certified. Start practice “on the side”. If needed, reduce hours at work in order to allow for more time to see clients and get business going.

Action Plans continued….

2 Jun

A few posts ago, I began writing about “fixing what’s not working”. Here’s the breakdown of what is (was) not working.

1) I am late for work 2 out of 5 days

2) Our house is always messy

3) I have been lacking motivation to exercise

4) I am not as organized as I would like to be

I only wrote up 2 of my action plans. In general ACTION PLANS I & II have been working successfully. I have NOT been late once since changing my morning routine and our house is looking pretty good. We never did hire that cleaning lady (hubby was not into the idea), but we are definitely working more as a team to keep our house tidy. I think a clean house is a work in progress and I just have to accept the fact that my house will not look perfect, especially with 2 working parents and a messy toddler!

It’s time to now tackle the next 2 issues; lacking motivation to exercise and lacking organization.


I call this issue “lacking motivation” and not “lacking time” to exercise because if someone is truly motivated, they will find the time. And right now, I am in serious need of motivation! A few strategies to find motivation to exercise and be healthy are:

1)     Define your goals

2)     Find a role model

3)     Read blogs & success stories

4)     Give yourself a reward for workouts

5)     Think of it as time for yourself

6)     Think of how you are going to look & feel


So, I have defined my goals. If you haven’t read them yet, here they are


I have a few….there’s a picture of a chick that I have on my cell phone and desktop at work. There’s also tons of amazing women that blog!  I follow some of them on a regular basis.  See my blogroll!  (That takes care of point 3). I read them morning, noon and night hoping that it will inspire me. Speaking of inspiration, there was also that woman at the grocery store.


Is it too soon for a reward? The answer is, yes, you actually have to get off your butt to EARN IT! Ok, reward is to get my nails done. Actually, I have set this as a reward awhile ago…but I never followed through long enough to earn itL. So, on second thought, maybe this isn’t a motivator after all?


As a working mom, this is totally true. From the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed, I am busy, busy, and busy. When I get a workout in, I get to focus all of my attention on ME! It is time for self-improvement, time to meditate and time to think about no one but me!


I don’t think I can say that I have truly ever had a fit body. The closest I think I ever came to it was 2 years ago when I was running regularly. I have to admit, I felt really good, I looked good and I wasn’t self-conscious about my body.  (Not that I am now….but I have been in the past!)

I fantasize about how it would feel to know that you can run 5 kilometers on a whim, that you have enough energy to get you through the day and then some and how it would feel to have a body that you are proud of. I never wanted to be an athlete or have the body of an athlete, but I changed my mind. I WANT IT. The question is, do I want it enough to work for it?

Nope, not for me.

26 May

I need to get back on track. Things aren’t working. I had a feeling and my feeling was confirmed this morning when I stepped in the scale. I gained 2 lbs! Ok, realistically, it’s only 2 lbs…but I gained it in a mere couple of weeks. Clearly not counting calories is not working for me. I always do best when I count, measure and journal my foods. I somehow get out of hand when I just “eat healthy”. Does this mean I will have to count calories, measure my food and journal my meals for the rest of my life?! Lets not look too far ahead just yet. Focus, Bianca, focus on the present.

Time to get back on track. And how do I plan to do this, you may be asking yourself?


  1. Log foods using
  2. Reduce fat intake
    • Low-fat cheeses, dairy & meats
    • Eat less egg yolks
  3. Focus on healthy fats to get my “fix” (nut butters, avocado, etc)
  4. No more desserts! Ok, realistically, allow myself 1 dessert/ week
  5. Use chocolate as a treat, not on a daily basis.
  6. Aim for a macronutrient ratio of 40-40-20 (40% carbohydrates, 40% protein, 20% fat)
  7. Plan meals on a weekly basis
  8. Be creative to reduce boredom
  9. Focus on natural, organic, fresh foods= eat clean!


  1. Be active as much as possible
  2. Be realistic and focus on effort (and don’t beat myself up)
  3. Run minimum 3X/week
  4. Reintroduce weight lifting when possible

I have to be strict with myself if I want to achieve my goals. Which reminds me, what are my goals?

Starting now!

A new look!

14 May

Hello everyone! Sheeesh! It’s been a really long time since I have posted anything….boy, do I have lots to tell!

First, let me begin by saying that I got my haircut short! It’s the shortest I have ever had and I loooooove it! I feel lighter, sexier and more energetic! It’s amazing what a good haircut can do for one’s self-image. I am also happy because now I get to donate my ponytail to make a wig for someone who is battling cancer J That reminds me, I have to mail my hair!

It’s not the greatest pic, but you get the idea.

Since I last blogged, I have experience many ups and downs.  I am currently experiencing lots of emotional changes (and not to mention hormonal changes)….I have to re-learn how to control my emotions, almost like a child or teenager just learning to control themselves!  Due to this, my hubby and I have been fighting a lot. He actually told me Sunday that he finds that I am “different”. Not sure if this is good or bad, but I told him to be patient with me. Weaning myself off of my meds will allow me to experience more out of life. This includes I feeling the highs from joy and passion but, with that, comes the lows of frustration, anger and sadness.  I wonder if I have changed.

I have been eating pretty well. I stopped counting my calories and macronutrients and have opted to focus on eating a balanced diet. I have successfully incorporated a smoothie into my morning routine. I am trying to eat a big breakfast everyday…and gradually eat less and less throughout the day. It’s been almost 4 weeks that I haven’t weighed myself and put my faith into eating “healthy” in order to maintain my weight. I have to say, I think I have actually gained weight the past 4 weeks. Sure, I didn’t exercise everyday like I was supposed to, but I have been eating exactly how my nutrition coach suggested. I emailed her earlier this week and mentioned that I have been craving sweets. Her recommendation was to eat more protein in the early part of the day. I am already ingesting quite a bit…and according to her I should eat more. I plan to weigh myself tomorrow morning and see how it’s going. I do like some of her tips and advice, but I think her recommendations will not cause weight loss. Sure, we may be eating better in some ways, but I think overall, I am eating too many calories. I like her focus on natural, whole foods. Go back to the basics, you know? Focus on being active everyday and getting enough rest. I think I have to go back to what works; a stricter eating plan. I don’t do well on a loose plan. I need to count everything, whether it be grams, calories or percentages!