Holistic Nutrition

I am currently studying Holistic Nutrition through CSNN. They have an in class program or a distance ed program. I have chosen to do distance ed.  Since I signed up in February 2010, I only have until February 2012 to finish….and I am still on my 1st course! I’d better get my butt into gear!

Here is the 2 year study plan.


Two Year Plan 

Please note that this guide is based on a study schedule of a minimum of 9 – 10 hours per week and is considered to be a guideline only.  Students following this guideline could expect to complete the program within two years.   Approximate number of study hours is 1000. 

Actual time required for completion of any one course may vary with individual students.  Many factors, such as reading speed, comprehension skills, work and/or family obligations and many other of life’s circumstances all have an impact on an individual’s time. 

Course Number of weeks to complete 
Fundamentals 6
Symptomatology I 4
Anatomy 9
Symptomatology II (case studies) 26 (while completing other courses)
Preventative Nutrition 4
Body-mind-spirit I 4
Body-mind-spirit II 4
Fundamentals of Business 4
Chemistry & Biochemistry 8
Cellular Biology 3
Pathology 6
Pediatric Nutrition 4
Sports Nutrition 4
Perspectives in Aging 2
Econutrition 4
Allergies 4
Alternative Diets 4
Research 4

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