It’s time to set some goals.

15 Mar

The time has finally come. I have ignored it and pushed it aside for far too long. It’s time for me to focus on getting my body in shape. Last spring, I did quite a bit of walking in order to loose my baby weight. My mother and I joined Weight Watchers and we were quite successful in loosing weight. I had reached my goal of 125 lbs, but I have failed to maintain it. Experimenting with my eating habits and indulging in treats have left me with 4 lbs of gained weight. Some my say; “Hey! only 4 lbs. No big deal”. But on a girl my height (5 ft 1″), it causes my jeans to be tight and my waist to disappear. Plus, even when I was at my goal weight, I was still jiggly all over. I have lost quite a bit of muscle mass. These, along with other side effects of a sedentary lifestyle (sore back, weak legs, fatigue, unused stress, etc)are my motivation to get fit!

I have done many things in the past to get fit. I used to lift free weights, use weight machines, cardio machines, cycling, running (treadmill and outdoors), pilates, yoga. You name it, I’ve tried it! So I know what works for me and what I enjoy. So, my main focus will be on free weights and running outdoors. So if I understand correctly, it all begins with a goal or goals.

Goals need to be:
time specific

This is know as the smart philosophy. Ok, here it goes.

Goal (1)

My goal is to make my body strong, lean and fit by June 15th. (specific enough?)
Measurable? Lean ie. fit into a size 4-6
Achievable, definitely!
Realistic, I think so.
Time specific, I have 3 months!
I’d better get to it!

Ok, I have my goal. What do I need to do to accomplish it?

1) Run 3x/week
2) Do free weights 2x/week (minimum)
3) Eat a low calorie, high fiber and balanced diet.

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